Dorothy Tanner, seated in one of her Moodscapes. Directly behind her is a television screen projecting her slowly moving video art so that the television becomes an art work and an integral part of the room.

Setting is Everything!
Your Own Lumonics Moodscape

Tanner Studio/Lumonics Light & Sound Gallery in Denver, directed by light and space artist Dorothy Tanner, designs and fabricates specialized sensory environments (for both commercial and residential applications) with an emphasis on mood enhancement: whether it’s a quiet meditative space for relaxation and stress reduction, a stimulating environment to induce a more energized state, or to complement an existing space with an accent light sculpture.

Ms. Tanner designs Moodscapes in which the lighting in a room emanates directly from the art, and is controllable for the desired atmospheric setting. A lighted indoor fountain creating a gentle sound may be just what is needed. Perhaps it is a pyramid that can be equipped with a wind and surf generator and music.

Dorothy Tanner and her team have years of experience working with international hotels and nightclubs, retail stores, corporations, and residences. Her art installations in Colorado have been seen at the Denver International Airport, Museum of Outdoor Arts, Lakewood Cultural Center, Union Station, and the Lumonics Light & Sound Gallery. Tanner Studio welcomes the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your needs. Art works can be purchased or leased. For information, call 303.568.9406 or email.