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Dorothy Tanner
Dorothy Tanner looking at the light sculpture, Logo, by Dorothy and Mel Tanner.jpg
Born January 30, 1923
The Bronx, New York
Occupation Light Artist/Installation Artist
Known for Lumonics Installations

Dorothy Tanner (born January 30, 1923, The Bronx, New York) is an American light sculptormusicianvideographer, and spoken word artist based in DenverColorado. She worked very closely for over 40 years with her husband Mel Tanner who died in 1993. Their main project was the creation of Lumonics [1]that consists of their light sculptures, live projection, video, electronics and music as a total art installation. Author and art historian, Michael Betancourtdescribed this conceptual art as a Gesamtkunstwerk in his book, The Lumonics Theater: The Art of Mel & Dorothy Tanner, published in 2005.[2]


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