Dorothy Tanner, being photographed by Paul Miller in the
Black Box Gallery at the Museum of Outdoor Arts
for 5280 Magazine


City of Denver Channel 8’s Bobby LeFebre interviewing Dorothy Tanner
for “ArtScene” at Lumonics. Thanks to producer Carol Caster (left).


Alien Princess by Dorothy Tanner
Photo by Hu Wanhang when visiting from China
“Light has the power to create, define, and solidify; or leave in shadow that which we believe to be real.”
“The major challenge for me in art is to keep under control the tyranny of a logical mind. The spirit that moves me is capricious, unruly and irreverent. Most of my work grows out of intuitive impulse — the rest gets underway by just playing.”
Dorothy Tanner


Review: Lumonics Then & Now  Shines at Museum of Outdoor Arts
by Michael Paglia

Feb. 15, 2017
(The exhibition ended March 24, 2017)

The eye-dazzling yet somehow relaxing Lumonics Then & Now: A Retrospective of Light-Based Sculpture by Dorothy & Mel Tanner transforms the interior galleries of the Museum of Outdoor Arts into a world of their own. The spotlights have been dimmed so that the exhibit’s internally lighted transparent acrylic sculptures and wall panels, as well as its projected videos, can glow gently in the near-darkness. A soft electronic soundtrack composed by Dorothy Tanner and her longtime collaborator, Marc Billard, adds yet another soothing aspect to the exhibit.
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The X  (1969) by Mel Tanner (1925-1993) is now part of the
permanent collection of the Museum of Outdoor Arts.


Film & Forum with Dorothy Tanner
Museum of Outdoor Arts
Presented Saturday, February 25, 2017
Film & Forum Video, recorded and edited by Travis Powell
Part 1: Introduction by Cynthia Madden Leitner, MOA Executive Director & President, and Todd Siler, artist and art historian
Part 2: Documentary produced by Cynthia Madden Leitner,
Film by Heather Longway Photography

Part 3: Interview with Dorothy Tanner



100 Colorado Creatives 3.0: Dorothy Tanner

Dorothy Tanner poses with her Lumonics sculpture “Logo.”
photo by Candace Hill


100 Colorado Creatives 3.0: Dorothy Tanner

Bronx-born nonagenarian Dorothy Tanner and her late husband, Mel Tanner, began building Plexiglas light sculptures in the hip ’60s, but the two were always more than sculptors. Rather, their life’s work was a spiritually driven multimedia gestalt of music, motion and mind-blowing visuals they dubbed Lumonics. Since Mel’s death in 1993, Dorothy has continued to carry the Lumonics torch, relocating her studio to Denver in 2008. As a preview to the first comprehensive retrospective of their work, opening on January 13 at the Museum of Outdoor Arts, we invited Dorothy Tanner to enlighten our readers with her answers to the 100CC questionnaire.


Video of Dorothy Tanner Installation in the Black Box Gallery at MOA
Video by Marc Billard
Music by Tanner/Billard



  Dorothy Tanner has created the Lumonics Mind Spa downstairs at The Scarlet at 131 Main Street, Central City, CO.  Read Wendy L Pitton R’s blog below:
 The Scarlet Venue – Music – Visual Arts – Healing Arts
What happens when you combine the healing arts with the visual arts and live music? An introduction into beauty, empowerment and contemplation begins.
continue reading in ArtBeat Magazine


Arts District, Rocky Mountain PBS 

The “Arts District” (Rocky Mountain PBS) episode about Dorothy Tanner has been selected for airing on national PBS stations. It most recently aired on Los Angeles Public TV’s LA ART.

“Light and sound artist Dorothy Tanner creates breathtaking sculptures using light, and she also uses sound to create a mesmerizing, multi-sensory experience. Dorothy takes us into her Denver studio and gallery — Lumonics.”


photo collage courtesy of Jeanne Connelly, Denver Westword

Artist House Tour: Dorothy Tanner Illuminates Westminster Home
With Transcendent Artwork

Indie design blogger Jeanne Connolly loves to see how creative people put their houses together. In this series, she shares some of her favorite homes, taking us inside unique private spaces in Denver and beyond. Dorothy Tanner harnesses light and sound to transport her audience into another realm of reality. Her transcendent artwork and sound create a surreal perspective that glows at her studio/event center, Lumonics Light & Sound Gallery. But her 2,800 square-foot home is also full of light and love, and that’s where we caught up with Tanner to talk about her art.

Colorado Public Radio
Staying Vital As Time Marches On: Art Can Hold The Key
Ryan Warner’s Interview with Dorothy Tanner

“Light artist Dorothy Tanner, 92, speaks with 5-year-old Kaya Naslund about one of the “creature-like” sculptures featured in her current exhibition, ‘Creatures From Left Field,’ at the Lakewood Cultural Center.”
(photo by Corey H. Jones/CPR News)


“Sculptor Dorothy Tanner’s work is best seen in the dark. That’s because the 92-year-old works with light, using materials like plexiglass to bend and blend vibrant rays of color. She’s been making art for more than 60 years.”

 Colorado Exhibits

 Then and Now Retrospective 
Museum of Outdoor Arts, 2017


Reinventing the Image
Museum of Outdoor Arts, 2016


The Scarlet in Central City


Creatures From Left Field by Dorothy Tanner
Lakewood Cultural Center, 2015


A Light Journey at Denver International Airport,
Feb. 2014 – May, 2014 DIA Exhibit


  Light Supply Exhibit
Museum of Outdoor Arts


 The Light Fantastic by Dorothy Tanner
VERTIGO Art Space Exhibit


Dorothy Tanner & Mel Tanner Exhibit
Union Station Fund-Raiser for The Welcome Arch


Dorothy Tanner collaborated with David Taylor, artistic director
and founder of the Zikr Dance Ensemble, to create light sculptures for the
world premiere of The Lady of the Lake, performed in the summer of 2015.


Additional Art Installations



Denver Arts Week:
Dorothy Tanner’s light sculptures make Lumonics glow

This is one in a series of posts in honor of Denver Arts Week
that salute some of our favorite people and places on the arts scene.”

Amber Taufen, Denver Westword


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